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Without the benefits of Training Needs Identification (TNI) it is easy to see how time and money can be invested in the wrong areas. Some training needs can be identified at Organization / Company level. The following questions might be the start of a TNI exercise:
What is happening in your Organisation / Company that might be a trigger for a TNI? Potential triggers might include:
  • Taking on new people.
  • Internal promotions or transfers.
  • New procedures and systems.
  • New standards.
  • New structures and relationships.
  • New products.
  • New customers.
  • New equipment.
  • Appraisals / reviews.

Are there any negative indicators in your Organisation / Company that might be additional triggers? Negative indicators could be:
  • Customer complaints.
  • Accident records.
  • Increasing numbers of grievance and / or disciplinary situations.
  • High turnover of new recruits.
  • Loss of customers.
  • Increased turnover of experienced employees.
  • Disputes.
  • Standards of work not being achieved.

What external influences are there on your Organisation that might be further triggers. External indicators could include:
  • New legislation.
  • Changes in legislation.
  • Change in markets (e.g. BREXIT)
  • Customer requirements.
  • Competitor activity.
  • Supplier activity.

Who is likely to be affected by each of these triggers:
  • The people at the top (CEO, Board, Senior team).
  • Senior managers of functions.
  • Departmental managers.
  • Section managers, team leaders, supervisors etc.

Where can you find information about these triggers, for example:
  • Training records.
  • Human Resource records.
  • Health & Safety Audits.
  • Sales Figures.
  • Management Information.
  • Appraisal / Staff Review information.

Identifying the triggers in this way is an important first step towards an effective Training Needs Identification (TNI).