The subject of communication is a ‘catch all’ and people frequently talk about ‘good communication’ but this topic needs breaking down into various elements. These elements include the words we use and how we say them and also our body language. It also includes active listening skills and all these verbal and non-verbal aspects makes up our behaviour. What we say and what we do.

I frequently use this behaviour Iceberg to demonstrate how what is going on within our inner self effects our behaviour (seen above the water). We tend to have a preferred behaviour style, this may be dominant and forceful or it could be the opposite. There are a number of behaviour styles and although we have a preference, and I find it helpful for individuals to put a label on their preferred style and then work on using different styles with different people in different situations.

The understanding that everyone has personal values and beliefs that are often different and a preferred behaviour style, I believe to be the foundation of understanding how we can communicate better with others.

The benefits of improving the skills of communication include:
• Influencing others for a positive outcome.

• Dealing more effectively with strong characters.

• Better communication with a range of different people.

• Communicating in a way that people understand more clearly.

• Getting more information through active listening.

• Getting a result using a different style after a previous one hasn’t worked.