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CommunicationThe subject of communication is a ‘catch all’ and people frequently talk about ‘good communication’ but this topic needs breaking down into various elements. These elements include the words we use and how we say them and also our body language. It also includes active listening skills and all these verbal and non-verbal aspects makes up our behaviour. What we say and what we do.I frequently use this behaviour Iceberg to demonstrate how what is going on within our inner self effects our behaviour (seen above the water). We tendSEE DETAILS <span class="...

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Coaching, Mentoring, Training

There are numerous ‘schools of thought’ about the difference between these three interventions and here is my view.TrainingTraining is normally carried out with a group of participants and is designed to improve knowledge and /or skill in a given subject. It may involve some lecture but also group work and discussion.CoachingCoaching is about helping a person to consider their future aims or goals maybe work related or maybe life direction or just wanting to become more assertive in certain situations. Carried out on a one to one basis mainly usingSEE DETAILS

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Without the benefits of Training Needs Identification (TNI) it is easy to see how time and money can be invested in the wrong areas. Some training needs can be identified at Organization / Company level. The following questions might be the start of a TNI exercise: What is happening in your Organisation / Company that might be a trigger for a TNI? Potential triggers might include: Taking on new people.Internal promotions or transfers.New procedures and systems.New standards.New structures and relationships.New products.New customers.New equipment.Appraisals / reviews. Are there any negative indicatorsSEE DETAILS </...

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Leadership Talk

In this short article I would like to describe to you my concept of In – Company Coaching and in what circumstances it can be used.So what is In – Company Coaching? Well as always the description will mean different things to different people. There are specific benefits surrounding In – Company Coaching:• Individual training needs can be identified clearly and in more detail.• The needs can be prioritised by the individual and the company.• It’s a more cost effective method of training if the needs of individuals are diverse.•SEE DETAILS

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